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Haiti 2018 Volume 1

After four years, Saint DeWitt Hill travels to Haiti along with Lady Minnie Hill, Pastor Karl Barnes (Elect Temple COGIC, Benton, Arkansas) along with other missionaries from the United States.  The main purpose is to see the need of the churches, orphanages, schools and people to see where the needs are for the financial support. 

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Sister Annette Barnes

Sister Annette Barnes has been lead of the Lord to complete three mission trips to Haiti.  Her passion for helping, teaching and ministering to those who are in need has generated so much love from the citizen of Haiti and has been a major blessing to this ministry. 

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A visit to the orphanage 

A heart felt moment when visiting the orphanage.  Many of the children have never met or seen their parents, brothers and sisters, but have found love and safety with each other.  Many of the funds given are given to the health and assistance to the children.  Take a moment and visualize that being your child.  They are our children.

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Part 2 of Pastor's Interview

A continuation of an interview with the pastors of Haiti and Pastor Daryl Wilkerson.

Conversations with Pastor Daryl Wilkerson

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Pastor's Interview Part 3

BLOOPER!!!! Continuation of interview with Pastors of Haiti

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Daryl Wilkerson

An Invitation for your help and assistance for the work of God by Pastor Daryl Wilkerson

Mission Possible

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Haiti 2018 Volume 6

A short script of Haiti and its people.

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Interview with the pastors part 1

Saint DeWitt Hill and Pastor Daryl Wilkerson talk with a few of the pastors in Haiti about their vision and growth for their churches.  After the devastation of earthquakes and hurricanes in their area, it has been their faith that have helped them to rebuild and grow.

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Haiti 2018 Volume 7

The Year of deliverance and blessings for our friends in Haiti. This year Haiti 2018 focuses on the mission to Haiti by our Missionaries of the Church of God In Christ. A DeWitt Hill Ministry

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Haiti 2018 - Volume 8

A look at the projects that are on going after the hurricanes and earthquake devastation in Haiti.