Our Mission

Reaching God's children around the world

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As the world turns

We have and will continue to spread the Gospel to countries around the world with clothes, food, educational material, schools, hospitals and churches

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Support Haiti

The Ministry of Compassion is helping our brothers and sisters in the country of Haiti.  Although we have had devastation here in the United States, there is little or no resources for those in Haiti.  Please help us with your charitable contribution by calling 870.534.2873 or email us:  CLICK HERE  May God Bless You.

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Pastor Jorel

A video showing Pastor Jorel's Church in Haiti.  Pastor DeWitt Hill personally gave a donation to put windows in the church. 

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The Ministry of Compassion

The Ministry of Compassion Broadcast is a weekly broadcast with Saint DeWitt Hill. The service is a telecast from the sanctuary of Greater Trinity Church of God In Christ in Little Rock, Arkansas. Click Here to join in or listen to past messages. For a copy of the message, you can write to The Ministry of Compassion at 2400 Wright Avenue or you can email us:CLICK HERE

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Hallelujah is the Universal Praise 

This Anointed young lady leading worship was dropped into Pastor Ecclesias's life about 12 years earlier when her parents were unable to support her any longer. Pastor Ecclesias took her in to show her the love of God.  After the past 12 years, and look what a powerful leader she has become. A-MEN

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Pastor Amazan Progress

Pastor Azaman shares the progress that is going on since our visit in February, 2018.  In just a few months, there has been a lot of progress.